Sunday, April 28, 2013

3, 2, 1 Take Off!!!!

Nice, France

So in about 1 day and 15 hours I will be on a plane heading to Europe. I cannot believe that time has gone by so quickly, I hardly feel prepared to leave but leave I must! First stop is Austria to visit my family that lives there. I am so excited that I get to visit them as I don't get to see them very often because of how far away I live from them. Thankfully they speak English as well as German so I won't be too lost, but it's going to be an interesting experience not knowing the language of where I am. I've got English down pretty well, except for the occasional (or not so occasional  grammar slip or spelling error, and I'm learning French, but I only know the numbers 1-12 in German....that's it! Maybe I'll google some key phrases so I can get by, or maybe I'll just practice my non verbal flirting skills....either way I think I'll be okay. So in terms of packing I am 99% finished which feels really good after the awfulness that is the beginning of packing. I feel really good about everything that I packed; especially in the clothes department. I have some super cute dresses that will be fun and easy to wear as well as pants, shirts/sweaters, a pair of shorts for those nicer days, and shoes (aka my favorite sperrys, and a new pair of super cute keds.

 For anyone who is interested here is my basic packing list. (Oh and unless you have an intimate knowledge of my wardrobe...which would be a little creepy unless you see me often, you might not get the references to particular pieces of clothing but I will do my best to describe them.)

-Polka Dot Dress (1950s style)
-Black (Bought it in Canada, super relaxed basic black dress with polka dot detailing in black)
-Flower Dress (super cute Karen Walker for Anthropologie dress, very colorful)
-Red dress (Recently purchased from Banana Republic
-Cream dress with redish/orangish flower embroidery from the J Crew Factory Outlet, yay for 50% off!

-Blue knee length with pockets (from Anthropologie, super comfy and cute)
-Black (again with the ever important pockets)
-Black and white striped skirt (recently purchased on clearance at Banana Republic)

-Grey pull on (Thank you Gap!)
-Cream pull on (Again, way to go Gap for providing my wardrobe with wonderful and soft sweaters)
-Navy blue cardigan
-Beige cardigan
-Jean jacket (from J Crew factory outlet, literally the best jean jacket ever!)
-Navy blazer

-Black ankle pants (Audrey Hepburn inspired)
-Dark wash blue jeans
-White pants
-Khaki shorts

-White t-shirt
-Black t-shirt
-Polka dot button down
-Black shirt with leather detailing on the top (Purchased on a shopping excursion to Nordstrom where Amy purchased a lace white top and I bought this shirt, if your basing it on colors clearly I'm the evil one in the friendship and she is an angel) ;)
-Blue striped
-Turquoise half button down
-Polka dot chambray
-Anchor shirt (definitely gives off a sailor look)
-Navy shirt with white bow (purchased at the BYU bookstore when Echo and I felt like shopping but because of our lack of a motor vehicle were left only with the bookstore, which oddly enough turned out to be a great shopping experience as evidenced by this cute shirt I now own.)
-Flowery lace shirt from Anthropologie (unfortunately sleeveless, but remedied with my cute jean jacket)


*Super cute navy swimsuit with polka dots, as shown in previous swimsuit blog post.*

Whew! So if you made it this far you read the whole thing, or at least skimmed it, congratulations and thank you! :) Sorry this one was so long, I will try to post more frequently and hopefully not quite as lengthy in the future. It has just been a crazy past couple of weeks what with finishing my second year at BYU, packing, coming home, and getting ready for Paris. I cannot wait to start this amazing adventure!!!


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