Sunday, September 21, 2014

Picnic at Versailles

Super well kept trees at the gardens of Versailles
I love Versailles. I think it stems from my interest in Marie Antoinette that I have had since high school. I have devoured anything Marie Antoinette related for quite some time, including biographies, movies, music, art, etc. I find her to be such an interesting individual and that time in French history to be so intriguing, even though I am far from a history scholar, and my ability to retain all of the interesting facts I pick up is not all that stellar. So because of this love of all things Versailles I found it only fitting to make a trip out to Versailles with some friends and enjoy some picnicking. Because if there is one thing I've learned during my time in France it is that the French love their picnics and they are darn good at them too. I am not kidding its a freaking art form! Dees' friend Laura has the coolest mom ever, Therese, and she brought tons of delicious food and her French know how and found as an awesome spot to enjoy our picnic. Since most of us had already seen the chateau we just relaxed and enjoyed the sun while Emmanuella and Chloe went to go check out the palace of Versailles. 

Left to Right: Dee, Tanner, Chloe and Laura
Afterwards we took a nice stroll through the grounds at Versailles, which are freaking immense, and got to see some adorable animals like baby goats, horses, and various birds. So cute! I was really hoping to see the hamlet which is a quaint little village that Marie Antoinette had built for her and her ladies in waiting, but by the time we got there it had already closed. Two words: huge bummer. I have been wanting to see the hamlet for so long but every time I've been to Versailles its either  been closed or we haven't had enough time, but I guess that gives me another reason to make it back to France in the future. 

Chloe trying to feed a baby goat

Overall it was a great  day spent with some pretty fantastic people in a beautiful location. It is always amazing to me how vast the estate of Versailles is and how normal it is for people that live nearby to come and have lunch with their family in the gardens, or go on their daily jog right past a place that contains so much history. I can't not think about the people who lived at Versailles throughout history and the important decisions that were made there, the fact that you can step where they stepped and explore the grounds much like they themselves probably did is an amazing experience. 
Left to Right:
Dee, Laura, Chloe, Me, Tanner, and Malgo


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