Thursday, May 23, 2013

Falafel and Versailles

Still playing catch up but bear with me! :) Friday brought some more class...which you would think might be boring, but think again!!! After class brought another little field trip to the Jewish neighborhood to try some falafel. Now I think I might've had some before but I couldn't remember if I liked it or not so this was quite the adventure. As you can see in the picture  it was recommended by Lenny Kravitz so pretty much a golden stamp of approval right there. Definitely not my favorite food item ever, but I'm glad that I tried it.

After my adventure with the falafel we headed out to Versailles. We had to tack the RER, which goes out to the suburbs of Paris, in order to get there so it took about an hour. I can't remember if I fell asleep or not, but I'm gonna guess a yes because that is what tends to happen when I sit for more than ten minutes on a train or something similar. I don't know if it has something to do with the relaxing humm of the train or the beautiful scenery we were passing, but either way its a good recipe for a nap! :) Unfortunately the weather was not very nice at all, and we had to wait in line for a long was crazy! Thankfully all of the girls on the trip are really fun to talk to and we spent the whole time just chatting away and being a little silly. It was different than the last time, a lot more rooms were available to be seen than the last time I was there. I really enjoyed getting to see more than last time, but I didn't like the way they arranged the "tour", but oh well it was still amazing! The Hall of Mirrors was still my favorite part of it, I just like to stand there imagining what it must've been like to live at that time and to have walked through there.

I really wanted to go see the gardens and explore the Petite Trianon and such but the weather and our energy levels for that day just didn't permit that. Thankfully the weather should be a little nicer next Monday when we were planning on going and renting bikes to tool around the gardens. Getting home from Versailles was a little frustrating because we needed to put more money on our metro passes to use the RER but the lines were crazy and once we got to the front the machine wouldn't work so we had to go wait in another line to get a real person to help us. Once we took care of that we had to get through the turnstiles but for some reason mine worked but Savannah's didn't so she had to sneak behind some random guy. We did get home and all was well! :)


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