Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wow I'm slow at blog posts!

Okay so I am officially a terrible but really I am! So I am going to try to catch everyone up on the past few weeks. So where were we:

Monday May 13th:

We had class again (who knew that was happening everyday, not me! Haha but really!) and the amount of homework needing to get done starting to seem a little daunting to me. One of my favorite things that we visited on this day was the L'Hotel de Soubise. We went to it because it is such a great example of rococo style as seen in the lovely photo below:

Next stop was the Louvre. I've been once before and both times I just feel so overwhelmed by the amount of people and art in one building. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it but I definitely was a bit haggard by the end of it. I love the sculpture of the Winged Victory and really any of the rooms where there aren't a million and a one tourists with their cameras and odd sense of personal space. :) It really is amazing to think how much time and energy each artist put into their work that is now in the Louvre....even the small pieces or ones in rooms far in the back.To the people who created those pieces they meant a lot even if we may just pass by it on our way to see the Mona Lisa (which by the way is just okay...but definitely still go see it just for the thrill!) :) Then we did some fun vintage shopping, one of them (Omaya Vintage) was pretty hardcore rock and roll so that was neat! Savannah and Hayley both bought vintage denim Levi shorts, so jealous!

Afterwards we headed back to the church building for FHE (Family Home Evening) and we were even fed dinner, and afterwards some of us went to Amorino's #bestgelatoever, just right by Notre Dame. Yumm!!!!


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