Wednesday, March 13, 2013

47 days to go!

Chaumont Garden Festival in Loire Valley

I can't believe its already down to 47 days, crazy! Today was the second time we have had the prep class for the study abroad program and two hours is a lot longer than I thought it was, but at the same time was definitely not enough time to cover everything we needed too (I made sure to bring some peanut m&m's for snack time). We spent a lot of time going over security issues while abroad as well as insurance and medical emergencies and all that jazz. Even though I've been abroad once before I guess I must have been more unaware of all the different ways you can get scammed and such! The security director for study abroad programs visited our class and spent pretty much an hour telling stories about all the different scams and predicaments that you can find yourself in. Hopefully none of those happen to me! I really think the key is just blending in and looking like a local so hopefully nobody will notice the giant stamp on my forehead that reads "American". ;) The picture above is from an area in the Loire Valley region of France which we will visit for about 2 days in the second week of our program. Every picture I see of the area is super gorgeous (like everywhere in France) so I'm sure that will be a great experience to be able to witness the culture there and understand how the people in France vary depending on region.

(Beware of pickpockets!)

We also chose our roommates today and filled out a form (in French) so that they can match us up with host families in France. I am so excited about my roommate (the super swanky Savannah) and all the adventures I'm sure that we will have...but first we have to decide if we want to live in the city or in the suburbs (Banlieu in French). You would think it would be an easier decision then it actually is, so anybody with any advice feel free to let me know in the comments section (preferably sooner rather than later). Okay so I think that is all for today, I have a big quiz for PR tomorrow so I best get back to studying! :) Thanks for reading!!


Nicki Clark said...

Definitely City. You can go out anytime you want! If you are in the country, you're kinda stuck unless someone can take you into town or if there is a train, and that is kind of a pain. If it were me, I'd live in the city and visit the country.

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